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The Five Main Types of Procrastination

Posted on January 29th, 2010

There are five different types of procrastination; there is the relaxed type that does not take responsibility for the work that needs to be done seriously. The intelligent type of procrastinator believes everything comes easy to them so they put off their work until the last minute, the decisional procrastinator wants the work to get done quickly but they have a difficult time making a decision; especially how to begin. There is the procrastinator who is addicted to pleasure who sees the work that needs to be done negatively and would much rather do something else with their time, and finally there is the fearful procrastinator who believes that their capabilities are not good enough to complete the work so they continually put off the work until the last minute.

The Relaxed Type

The relaxed procrastinator is perpetually lazy when it comes to doing the work that needs to be completed. They continually feel that their work is simple enough to be completed rather quickly so they put it off until the final minutes of their deadlines. They have a tendency to indulge in other activities that they do not view negatively, the work that needs to be done with a relaxed procrastinator is something they do not take seriously so they are always in denial about the seriousness and complexity of the work that they should be doing whether it be in the office or in school.

The Intelligent Procrastinator Type

The intelligent procrastinator always feel like the work that they should be doing no matter how complex is very simple to understand, and complete. They hold off doing it because they feel it can be completed in a short amount of time. This type of procrastination has a tendency to take shortcuts by deconstructing the work that needs to be done into simpler tasks and forgets the big picture. They feel that they are smart enough to make even the most complex projects much more simplified. Their intelligence makes them become very lazy and their time management skills extremely suspect.

The Decisional Procrastinator Type

This type of procrastinator is good at recognizing the work that needs to be done, what hinders them is making decisions about the work. They do not directly put the work off consciously, but their troubles with making decisions is putting pressure on them so that the work is started and completed at the last minute. The decisional procrastinator likes to view all the possible solutions or likelihoods for the project at hand before making a decision, they can be considered perfectionists by looking at alternatives and wanting to make the right decision instead of making a decision. This can get them in trouble especially when time becomes a factor in their decision making process.

The Escapist Procrastinator

The escapist procrastinator is what you would call a day dreamer, and have a tendency to only see the big picture in the near or far off future and forget about the steps or the work that needs to be done to accomplish their dreams of success. The escapist procrastinator is also addicted to pleasure much like the relaxed type. Unlike the relaxed type though they tend to not view work as negatively. The escapist procrastinator spends too much time inside their own head thinking of grandiose schemes, and forgets about work and views the work that needs to be done as more of a roadblock then a crucial step in accomplishing what they want.

The Afraid Type of Procrastinator

This type of procrastination is worse in stressful situations because they are unsure about their ability to complete the work. They feel that they work better if they relax first because they put themselves under a lot of stress. The time they spend unwinding should be better spent completing their work because when time becomes a factor they put themselves under much more stress and the work is never completed to their satisfaction.

A procrastinator’s worst enemy is themselves, they use excuses more often and put themselves under more stress than they need to. Most of the time procrastinators are a combination of different types whether it’s the escapist procrastinator who also considers themselves to be extremely intelligent, or it is the decisional procrastinator who feel that they should relax and unwind before making a decision. Once you determine the type of procrastination you suffer from; whether it’s one kind or a little bit of each type. It is easier to overcome procrastination, just do not put it off until it is too late.

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